Pablo’s Fiesta 2011 Notes

I went to Pablo’s Fiesta this past weekend.  It was an amazing conference with lots of energy and lots of things to learn.  Here aare some of my notes.  I maay go back and clean them up, or expand something, or just leave them s is.  For now, tho, here they are in raw form:

Free Software/ Open Source Projects

  • helps to have a buddy/ally.
  • Working for non-profits is a good way to do a pet project. They give you incentive, etc.
  • Tell family that you’ll give them some reward when you  complete a project
  • Put new ideas in Evernote and go on, then later go thru them and complete them.


  • Opposite of SOLID is LIQUID: Lazy, Inconsequential, Quaint, Unnecessary  Inconsequential, DRY (Don’t repeat yourself) 🙂
  • Contradiction between S and O (Single Responsibility and Open/Closed).
  • Evil done in the name of SOLID.
  • Having interface for everything and every interface has exactly one implementation.
  • Every time you make a system more extensible you make it more complicated.  And you’re picking a specific way to extensible it.
  • At what level do you apply S?
  • Simplest Thing that could Possibly Work and LAGNI.  Are they in opposition to SOLID?


“A startup that is two years old is not a startup.  It’s a failure.”


Austin Java Script

Practicing Progrmming

See (I wrote up those notes, so it would be silly for me to copy them here).

Contract to not hired

  1. Get accountant & lawyer
  2. Make an LLC
  3. File as an S-Corp
  4. Pay a small salary & the lest as dividends
  5. Pay less in taxes than ever before.

Functional Languages

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