Sunsinger & the High Seas at The Bear Club

Sunsinger & the High Seas and Dan Raza performed at The Bear Club on 11 June 2022. It was a beautiful show and I got some nice pics.

Note: I don’t know the names of some of the band members. If you know, could you tell me in the comments and I’ll edit the captions.

Dan Raza
Simon Gutteridge, aka Sunsinger
____ & ____ (Who is this?)
____ (Who is this?)
Nigel ____
Dan Raza
Dan Raza
The stage before the show

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One Response to “Sunsinger & the High Seas at The Bear Club”

  1. Simon Says:

    Hey Ron,

    Thanks so much for taking and editing some pics, these are ace!

    You had me correctly ID’d with the piano photo- the one with the two singers is me in another shirt, Simon Gutteridge/ Sunsinger and Adam Knowles.
    Bassist is Mark Calder, drummer Nigel Ali.

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