The Nihilistic Fatalism of Housework

I’m developing a nihilistic fatalism of housework. All housework is fundamentally pointless because everything cleaned will get dirty again. However, we are fated to do this pointless housework over and over again, or our houses will decline into a horrible mess.

The philosophy can be illustrated by:

No matter how many dishes I do, the next day all the dishes we’ve used are dirty again.

Therefore, we can either choose to accept the futility of housework and do it anyway or let our living spaces fall into disarray. This philosophy can be seen as a metaphor for life itself; we are all fated to do things that seem meaningless in the grand scheme of things, but we do them anyway to maintain some sense of order and control in our lives.

This philosophy can also be applied to larger societal issues like climate change. Despite our best efforts to reduce our carbon footprint or protect the environment, the planet will continue to be affected by human activity. However, we are still fated to take action and do what we can, even if it seems futile in the grand scheme of things. Accepting the nihilistic fatalism of housework can help us find meaning in the mundane tasks we must do in order to maintain our homes and our world.

Written by Ron “Ziroby” Romero with assistance from Notion’s AI

Image by, CC BY

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