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No dying of treatable illnesses

June 14, 2022

I was talking to a neighbor, and he was complaining about people who got NHS healthcare without paying in to NHS. I thought about it, and I think everyone should get healthcare, regards of whether they’re contributing “their fair share”. But if you’re saying a person or group of people shouldn’t get healthcare, then you’re saying they should die of treatable illnesses. I believe no one should die of a treatable illness. I believe everyone should have access to healthcare. If someone is getting healthcare without contributing, I don’t care. They are human beings. Our society has science and medicine. They should get healthcare.

I guess this means I’m in favor of worldwide universal healthcare. We’re far away from that. I believe we can reach that, but we won’t get there in a year or even a decade. Can we please move in that direction? Our society should be working out how to expand the reach of healthcare to include more people. Because no one on the planet should die of a treatable illness.

#universalhealthcare #notreatableillnessdeaths